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Wednesday, 17 February 2016 10:48


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Three new flicks came out this week.  They are all very different kinds of movies, let's take a look a them right now.

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This is an amazingly creative and funny satire of so many kinds of movies that makes for a really fun time at the movies.  This stars Ryan Reynolds as a reluctant "superhero" of sorts created out of the X-Men mold.  This is funny with tons of action, and is done so well, it is a refreshing comic book movie that clearly breaks free from all the rest.

Deadpool is a parody of superhero movies in general, but also on X-Men, the people that watch these movies and a generation at-large without being offensive or insulting.  The fantastic action sequences are fun to watch, and the time between them is well spent too.  The use of music in the story telling is incredible, and that starts from the first frame. 

Being fair, this is a strong R rated movie, with some graphic violence at times, but it is basically cartoonish.  Reynolds and supporting cast a wonderful and really carry the day. 

Deadpool.  This is must see escapism.  Well done!

How To Be Single

Many times going into a movie with low expectations is a good thing.  This looks bad on the surface, but this actually is a nice surprise.  This stars Rebel Wilson, Dakota Johnson, and Leslie Mann in the story of three single women, all very different in today's contemporary New York City.  This is a comedy, and delivers many more laughs through truth than gags and bits.

This in many ways is spot on target with how people this age view dating, and relationships in general.  This does take time to develop some nice characters and does put you in their world nicely. Up front, this is not perfect and does make a few really bad decisions that don't make this better, just more crass.  This is squarely targeted at young women, but it doesn't wade so far out in the estrogen pool, that it turns off men.  There is some good humor here, but more than anything, there is truth.

Rebel Wilson is overused  and not as funny as she thinks she is. Johnson is always good in those reluctant lover roles, and Leslie Mann, is just flat out a funny woman and fun to watch on screen.

How To Be Single.   Nice surprise.

Zoolander 2

It's been fifteen years since the original, and they should have left well enough alone.  Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, and Will Farrell reprise their roles along with a list of about 100 cameos (which is impressive)  but it can't save this really horrible flick.  They even drag along the wonderful Penelope Cruz, and it still falls flat.  For some reason they still think making fun of the fashion industry is funny.  It's not.

To recap.  This just isn't funny.  It isn't anything except ill-advised and insanely dated. 


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