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Wednesday, 10 February 2016 09:01

MOVIE REVIEW - New This Week

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Couple of new flicks this week - here's a quick look.

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The Choice 

These Nicholas Sparks novels - to the movies are really getting pathetic.   Can we just stop?  No matter what new coat of paint you splash on these things, they still all look and are the same.  This has some fresh faces, but the same formula, set in the same area, with the came cameraman, and the same music seemingly.  I am not a stick in the mud, and I love a nice love story, but can we just stop with the dying terminally ill, and the someone is left behind thing?

Doesn't this guy ever get tired of writing the same book over and over again?  Yeah I know he's driving the Brinks truck every day, but this is getting embarrassing. Watching this from start to finish is like swallowing a croquet mallet -  sideways.  Just stop please. Undoubtedly will be one on worst of lists at years end.

The Choice.  Make any other choice but seeing this trash.

Hail, Caesar!

The Coen Brothers are some of my favorite film makers.  This is an opposite movie. One the critics will love and the fans will not.  It generally works in reverse.  This is a pretty clever Hollywood spoof of the golden age of Hollywood, with characters and story lines based on real people, but not real people.  It makes fun of itself, and has moments of real fun in its humor, its performances and its amazing choreography.  But it won't make it with fans.

There is just not enough here to get you through.  This has a star studded cast and there's nothing wrong with the performances.  The story is silly and hard to follow at times.  And there will just not be enough fans and historians to get 90% of the jokes and gags.  Luckily, this checks out at about 90 minutes and puts many out of their misery.

Coen Brothers = Great.  Hail, Caesar = ehh.


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