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Tuesday, 02 February 2016 09:26

MOVIE REVIEW - The Finest Hours

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Sometimes this time of the year can lead to some really bad movies in theaters.  But The Finest Hours is not among them. This is a darn good movie.


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National critics have been marginal on this one, and quite frankly I don't get it.  This is based on a true story from 1952, and a story you don't know that's told quite nicely.  It's the story of a very daring Coast Guard rescue of 32 guys trapped on an oil tanker that has been ripped in half by a winter time hurricane off the Massachusetts coast.  This movie breaks between the rescue on land, and the dire situation on the ship.  As well as taking the time to develop some characters involved.  In short, this is not Oscar winning, but few are.  But this is really pretty good.

This stars Chris Pine who I think is simply becoming more of a star every year.  This also stars Casey Affleck, Eric Bana and a nice supporting cast that bring this to life.  Being honest, there just isn't a lot to not like here.  Being tough on this is just looking for something to criticize, in a season at the movies where there is not lack of really deserving cinematic targets to hit way harder than this.

This is exciting, and very well done at times. The scenes on the ship and the rescue are very compelling and extremely well done.  Terrific sets, and costuming too take us back very comfortably to 1952.  In a time of year where there are a dozen dogs at the theater, this is way above the bar. This makes you feel good, and makes you proud there are still good, strong stories to tell of our neighbors who do incredible things.  And this made the theater clap at the end.

The Finest Hours.  Pretty darn good.


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