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Wednesday, 21 October 2015 09:44

MOVIE REVIEW - Bridge Of Spies

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Here comes Fall, and some of the best movies of the year, and Bridge Of Spies is certainly one of them.



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Tom Hanks, stars in this incredible true Cold War Story that showcases a remarkable story that you may know the basics of, but this movie spells out the whole amazing story.  This takes place over a few year period from 1957, into the early 1960's when the Cold War with the Soviet Union was in full force.  It's the story of a "spy swap" that tested both sides, the United States and Russia on their resolve in their belief systems.  Democracy versus Communism, plain and simple.

Hanks plays Jim Donovan, who was a simple insurance lawyer in Brooklyn when the firm where he works is assigned to defend a recently captured Soviet spy in America.  He defends the spy with  vigor and diligence, making sure that he gets a fair trial, even when the system is asking he not.  Donovan foresees that the death penalty may not be the right thing, and asks reminds the judge that there may be a day when the Russians have one of our guys, and a swap may be prudent.

And that becomes reality when the Soviets shoot down an American U2 pilot and capture him.  Now we each have one.  The government then contracts Donovan again, this time asking him to broker the swap as a private citizen and not as an official representative of our government.  Donovan takes the job and begins a fascinating journey that takes him to the other side of the world to make the deal, all the while trying not to fire up even more tensions between the Superpowers.

This is just a very well done drama that is really back to basics movie making.  You take a great story that most don't know. Write a great script, and cast the right guy in it.  You find the right director (Steven Spielberg) create amazing sets, and costuming and you have a great flick. This is a wonderful period piece that takes us right back to an era gone by.  This is intense, and suspenseful and reminds us just how good movies really can be if we do them right. This is amazingly refreshing, and just flat out good.

Some knowledge of the era is helpful before you go, but this is careful not to shoot over your head, and takes its time to explain carefully and set the stage so all can hang on.  This is not an action flick with tons of effects, this is just straight forward movie making that is ushering in the strong movie season which is now upon us.

Bridge Of Spies.  One of the years best movies.


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