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Here comes a real powerful and intense movie for the fall with an all-star cast, Sicario.




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Sicario stars Josh Brolin, Emily Blunt, Benecio del Toro, and a great supporting cast in one of the years best movies. But in fairness, this movie is certainly not for everyone. This is graphic, violent and very intense. It is a movie essentially about the cooperation, or lack of, between various crime fighting agencies of the U.S. Government and how they are attempting to deal with brutal drug cartels from Mexico.

This movie focuses mostly on the city of Juarez, Mexico which is just over the El Paso, Texas border. In real life is about the worst place on earth, resembling more of a third world country war zone than a city in North America.  This actual story is far too complicated to go into in this short review, but these agencies are trying to keep a lid as best they can on the various cartels that are battling for power and supplying this country with tons of illegal drugs.  Plus, this makes you wonder who really are he good guys, and who are not.

This is quite good, but you have to be willing to go to the mat with this one.  It moves fast, and explains much along the way quickly.  This takes you on various missions these crime fighters go on deep inside the worst places on the planet.  This move does a great job of putting you right in the action with terrific photography, slick editing and an incredibly intense music soundtrack that makes your heart pound even on the chopper ride into Juarez.

This develops characters extremely well for a movie of this ilk.  Oscar winner del Toro is again incredible, and should receive Oscar mentions again for this role.  Blunt is great with her American accent as she plays an FBI agent well over her head in an incredibly dangerous part of the world.  Brolin is almost always great in any movie including here, and the supporting cast is wonderful.

This is brutal at times, and is rated a hard R.  This movie pulls very few punches and shows the horrendous conditions, and situations these people go to and live in.  This is not for the squeamish. But if you love a good drug cartel, crime fighting flick that strives for authenticity, this is your movie.

Sicario. Really great, well done.


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