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Tuesday, 06 October 2015 05:09

MOVIE REVIEW - The Green Inferno

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In all honesty, this may be the one of the worst movies I have ever seen.




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The Green Inferno is a new flick that is supposed to be scary - I think.   It's that time of the year where scare is in. And sadly no one really makes scary anymore, they just make raunchy and horrible. And then there is this, which could be as objectionable as any movie in recent memory.  This is nasty, distasteful, and about as offensive as a movie can get.  Even in a genre where it seems all bets are off.

This is the story of a bunch of college kids who decide to become activists and travel to the Amazon in Peru, South America to protest a natural gas company.  The company is on the verge of running an ancient tribe out of existence in order to drill for natural gas. They are bent on stopping them, armed with their cell phones, and social media. And they seem successful when the operation goes world wide on video, and the company backs down.

As our kids are returning, they are in a small craft plane crash and are trapped deep in the Amazon, where they are captured by this tribe.  They soon find out that this tribe is bunch of ravenous cannibals, literally.  This then becomes the story of how these kids can possibly escape before they are literally, butchered, smoked, carved up and eaten by this tribe.  Sound fun?

After the first friend is dismembered while he is still alive, and then prepared, seasoned, cooked, smoked and eaten for all to see, they try to escape.  This is loaded with extreme gore, blood, and flat out nastiness that is simply brutal to watch.  They show adults and young children eating humans and enjoying every bit of it.  This is so over the top, and sick, it loses all allure of the absolute minimal it had.  They also decide to explore and show, at length, the ancient and horrible practice of female circumcision.  This entire enterprise is simply flabbergasting, and insanely horrendous to watch.

This is brutal, ghastly, and appalling movie making.  Nothing wrong with slasher flicks or the like, but this is line crossing in every regard.  First off, the story is dumb, the acting is atrocious, and this paints everyone in a horrible light. The affluent students are the dumbest people on earth.  And the tribe is painted as the worst people in the history of the world.  This is simply a waste of time, money and effort.  This is so horrible, I can't fathom anyone coming out out of this and feeling the slightest bit entertained.  

If they set out to make this as brutal, and as totally disturbing as possible, they did it. This for some reason deals with every imaginable nastiness you can even think of for one hour and forty-five agonizing minutes.

The Green Inferno. As bad as movies can get.


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