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The reinvention of acting great Robert De Niro continues, and now he stars opposite the wonderful Anne Hathaway in The Intern.

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This is a charming and original little movie.  But it would have been a bit better if it has been "little-er."  This is a comedy and light drama of sorts, that comes in at 2 hours, and that is about 20 minutes too long for this type of movie. This was written and directed by the fabulous Nancy Myers who has a bunch of nice movies to her credit, so the principles are in place for a great movie. And there are things about this that are great.

De Niro plays Ben.  He is a 70 year-old widower who is finding retirement difficult, so he applies for a senior intern program at a new start up online clothing retailer run by Jules (Hathaway).   This is an office of about 200 young people who have no contact with anyone Ben's age.  So he is an outcast at first, but in time becomes a fantastic example to those who have never been exposed to a gentleman his age.  Including Jules, who finds out she needs Ben to be her balance in life and business, as she is trying to do too many things.

I really like the whole idea of this movie.  There aren't many movies that place a real value on the older generation.  This story is one of bridging the gap between the generations.  It also shows that there may indeed be a place where experience is valued by young people who many need a helping hand, that was not lent to them growing up and being raised by more contemporary parents.  This movie does make some loud social commentary about modern parenting, and younger values but is careful not to trash young families.  But does show that they truly don't have all the answers either, even though they think they do.

The only real problem here is the length.  This is flat out too long.  There are a few silly scenes that really have no bearing on our story that could have been left on the editing floor easily.  This wanders off base a time or two, but it doesn't destroy this.  Overall, I would call this "entertaining."  It's just a fun movie to watch.

De Niro continues to reinvent himself in the movies as a kinder, gentler soul.  Hathaway makes any movie better, and the supporting cast here is terrific, lead by the lovely Rene Russo and Linda Lavin (where has she been?).  This also a nice, refreshing change for some balance at the theaters right now, and if fine for virtually anyone to see.  Great date movie.

The Intern.  Nice idea, nice message, and nice movie.


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