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Please welcome the creepiest movie of the summer, or any summer. The new thriller, The Gift is here to totally creep you out.


And it does!  The Gift is a really terrific movie that finds your spine and gives it a twist like it hasn't had in a while. This movie is a great example of a story that understands what would be scary to you and capitalizes on it wonderfully.


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This was written, directed and starred in by Joel Edgerton who's character Gordo, is nothing short of creepy and very authentic.  Gordo is a 40 ish year old single guy who stumbles across an old high school friend Simon (Jason Bateman).   Gordo is an exceptionally awkward veteran who decides to befriend Simon and his wife Robyn (Rebecca Hall), whether they like it or not.  He chronically shows up unannounced and leaves a series of basically inappropriate gifts on their doorstep.  But why?

Gordo seems to be hiding a secret or two, and so is Simon.  Why is Gordo stalking them? And why can't Simon get him to stop? And why does Robyn seem to have a great deal of empathy for Gordo? These are fair questions, and are all answered nicely in this very well written, and directed script.

This movie has something to say, and that is very refreshing in today's scary movie making.  Most, if not all don't.  This does not rely and any special effects, blood, gore or silly storytelling. This finds a plot theme, and goes with it.  And this is thoroughly topical for today's movie going public.  Plus, after you see this, you may wonder if you really do know your spouse, or the people they bring with them. (No one may ever get married again after seeing this)

The Gift puts you on a slow burn that is hard to turn off. You simmer for a while and wonder where its really going. You may have heard of a major twist in this, and there is one. But you may figure it out like I did, if you pay close attention. This is a movie where you shouldn't get up to buy anything, or hit the bathroom, as there are many nuances to it, and shouldn't be missed.

The Gift.  One of the really nice surprises so far in 2015.  Well, well done.


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