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Friday, 17 July 2015 00:00

MOVIE REVIEW - Trainwreck

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Lots of buzz about the new Amy Schumer written comedy, and Judd Apatow directed, Trainwreck.  

Have to admit, in an era when comedies have fallen by the wayside for the most part, this is a pretty darn funny and topical movie that will absolutely speak directly to a generation.  Although very edgy, this is done very well.

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This is the story of Amy (Schumer).  She is a 30ish young professional woman living in New York City.  She comes from a broken home with a womanizing father, and she and her sister are left to go on with their lives.  Her sister has taken a more even path.  Getting married, and becoming a step mother, and also is having a baby of her own. Amy is a hard drinking, hard partying, extremely sexually active woman who pays little attention to who she sleeps with.  Amy has never really grown up, and relies on her extreme lifestyle for all of her enjoyment, and has little time for people or any real intimacy.

She meets Aaron (Bill Hader), who is a very talented doctor of the star athletes during an interview as she is writing an article on him. They hit is off, and end up sleeping together, and eventually dating. Problem is, Amy is not emotionally available to him and two worlds collide.  Aaron is grown up and Amy is not.  Can they work out their problems in this modern romantic comedy?  And yes, it's been a long time since When Harry Met Sally, or Sleepless in Seattle, but this is a great example of how good romantic comedies still can be if done properly.

This movie does a really nice job of addressing the issues and the pitfalls members of Schumer's age group have endured along the way. This is topical, and right on target.  This is a bit offensive at times to some, but overall they do a nice job of throttling back on the amount of raunchiness that I was sure was on the way.  Yes, this is edgy at times, and pushes an envelope or two, but nothing really blows by the line at 100 mph, and that's to its credit.  You do feel the whole time, they are checking themselves to make a different kind of movie.  Contemporary, but not too far gone.

Schumer is nice fresh face on the screen, and handles this first real starring role quite well. It's a long way from her standup as an actress, but it's still her.  You can feel though that this might be her new thing, and she may find future roles limiting and play the same character. There are a ton of cameos in this movie, including Lebron James who is entertaining in his small role.  Seeing him as we never have before. 

This is quite funny from start to finish. There is not a signature scene here like many comedies, this is just consistently entertaining.  It does grow a heart after a while, and allows are characters to be so, and not simply caricatures.  That was a great decision. You root for our stars, and find them generally likeable through their flaws. This is well written, and well done.

Trainwreck.  Not for everyone, but overall this is pretty fun stuff.


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