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Tuesday, 14 July 2015 00:00

MOVIE REVIEW - The Gallows

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Summer time means scary teen movies that are supposed to draw large dollars, and create repeat visits by patrons at the movies.  This will do neither one.


The Gallows is another attempt to start a series that looks like about 20 other franchises.  They try to create a character that is dead, and his spirit lives on to terrorize those left behind for some reason.  And he goes on a teen killing rampage because...well they are there... and they are always stupid enough to put them selves in harms way for no apparent reason.

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This is the story of a high school that in 1993 put on a play called  The Gallows.   During the live performance, the hanging scene goes horribly wrong, and a student is actually hung in front of a live audience.  Now his ghost, or spirit or whatever the heck it is, is back and haunting the school again.


And the reason is beyond ridiculous.  For some reason, the same high school thinks it's a good idea to put on a 20th anniversary edition of The Gallows again in 2013. (What school would even consider that??)   But as we move on they do, and the killing begins.  Yes, this is set up for more to be made and we can all just sit around and hope this doesn't happen.

You have seen his movie in one way shape or form about a thousand times before. There is not one shred of originality here, and being honest, not one scary moment. This is one or those hand held herky-jerky (Blair Witch / Paranormal Activity)  type of movie which also makes this fatiguing to watch.  Can we just put an end to all of this please?  This is just dumb and hard to watch, thankfully only 80 minutes.

The Gallows.  Stop!  Please!


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