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Max is the new movie about a wonderful military dog named Max who is suffering from PTSD.  This is a very original and good idea.  Too bad the writers went ahead and messed the entire premise up.


This great idea needed to be turned over to a much more in touch, and skilled set of writers who would have been far more interested in making a good family movie and not ones intent on grinding their own personal ax. All at a dogs expense.  To say this was a wonderful idea thrown away, is the understatement of the movie year so far.


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Max is in the Middle East with his marine handler Kyle, when the marine is killed in a firefight.  Max survives and returns to America where the family of the fallen marine adopts him and his younger and troubled brother takes him over.  Max is troubled, and is suffering too.  The whole idea is for Max to somehow bring this family together and find himself again, all while honoring the memory of  Kyle.  At least that should have been the idea.

Instead, the writers demonize the military.  They develop a subplot where a returning marine who was a friend of Kyles lies to the family about Kyle's death.  Then proceeds to use the family for money, and a location so he can run an arms running racket to the Mexican Drug Cartel.  He then kidnaps Kyles father and is bound and determined to kill him because he knows too much.  The marine also wants to kill the younger brother, Max and the rest of the brothers 14 year old friends by executing them.  What the heck are we doing?????

Also they make the marines in this country look like a bunch of boneheads, as they give "classified" information to a 14 year old they hardly know and asks him "not to tell anyone or I could get in big trouble". And they somehow can't even handle a dog on a leash.  This movie also makes law enforcement look like dunderheads as well at many and various times during this agonizing film.  What a great idea wasted on a few complete and total boneheaded writers.

This movie is ridiculously violent for a PG-13, where kids and animals are continuously in dire peril.  Long dog fighting scenes that are brutal and downright sad.  14 year old's are encouraged to take on the gun and machine gun toting drug cartel with bicycles and a dog. What are these morons thinking??

The character of Max is developed nicely and is easily the best thing in this movie. The actual dog, (or dogs) bring a real nice character to life that you understand and like. That is well done, but that's where I will stop and tell you this is simply good idea flushed down the can.

Max.  Idiotic writers.  Sad and lousy product that started out as a really good idea.


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