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Sequels are a tricky thing sometimes. And the new Seth MacFarlane sequel Ted 2, is suffering from just that.

The offensive, wise cracking teddy bear is back, and being honest there are some really hilarious moments and lines in this movie.  I mean laugh out loud funny.  But they are few and far between, and mostly this shows there are only so many offensive things that a teddy bear can say and do.  It is much like the original.  And being honest again, this sequel is far more offensive than the original. 


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In this edition, Ted is involved in a court case where they are saying he is not a person.  He wants to become a father with his new human wife, and they need to either adopt or go artificial.   That whole basic premise is stupid to say the least, but who cares?  The core audience that goes to see this could care less about that.  They just want to hear Ted be funny, offensive and they want to see him to drugs and be the life of the party. And he is!

The main problem with this movie is simply it doesn't match up with what it preaches.  It's a story about what it means to be human, but it could not have less soul. It just swims on the surface where it's safe and doesn't dare to go deeper.  It simply sells out the lowest bidder again.  I did love some of the really funny cameos in this movie, and much of the satire and parody of current life and pop culture was pretty darn funny. 

Word of caution.  I saw a few very young patrons (under 10 years of age or so) at the theater today and it baffled me. Yes, they were with their parents, but in all honesty this is so insanely offensive it is amazingly not for children.  This a laced with hard, harsh profane language and incredibly offensive terms and labels.  Plus, there is a ton of recreational drug use, and other highly adult visuals that young viewers will certainly be curious about.  Just sayin'.

The trailer you'll see and the movie you get are two different things. And don't let the cute talking bear thing fool you. This is harsh, and sometimes very funny stuff, but it is nothing short of highly adult.

Ted 2.  On par with the first.  Funny at times, but more of the same.


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