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Dope is an interesting new movie that takes us on a journey that we really haven't been on in a long time.

Dope is a wonderfully written script that translates very well to then screen.  The story here is a good one, and to me that's where every good movie really starts.  With a good story, and an original script.  It dares to take us way inside the horrible drug culture that has taken over many suburbs of America, and do it with some drama and some comedy. All the while not losing it focus.

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It's the story of three young high school seniors deep in the inner city of Inglewood, California who call themselves, "geeks."  All are extremely intelligent.  Their city has been taken over by the worst drug culture imaginable.  Our three just want to go to college, and break free from their roots there.  But they find that is far easier said than done. The long fingers of the drug culture stretch a long way.  And somehow, no matter how hard our three try, they find themselves compromised and involved in the world they are trying to escape.

But the star of this movie is the story, and the amazingly creative turn this movie takes to show them the way out.  I have to admit that some of this was leaving me a bit flat until it got really smart, and went in an entirely new direction that elevates this from good to very, very good.

This is not for everyone. This could be very offensive to many was the dialogue is written in the lingo of the area.  Lots of offensive slang, and harsh language.   But that does give this it's authenticity that it needs.   Not very violent with most of it implied.  This is a hard R rating and that is well deserved. A terrific music soundtrack helps give this a real slick pace as well. Fine performances and great character development make this sing right along too.

Dope.  Not for all, but for some this is very good.


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