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Finally, a comedic movie from funny woman Melissa McCarthy that is different than the last few she's made.  Spy is fun!

Spy is a comedy that isn't perfect, but it's pretty darn good, and pretty darn funny.  Spy is a satire and parody of the James Bond type movie that works on every level.  It has a great cast that gives this really creative script a nice lift.  Make no mistake, this could have gone either way.  This could have been really bad, but they took the time to be creative and make this truly fun, and funny.

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Meet Susan (McCarthy). She works for the CIA in a support role.  She speaks to an agent in the field through an earpiece, Bradley (Jude Law), and makes sure that he is protected from harm.  She is not respected at all, and seems like a wallflower to the agency.  But when many agents have their cover blown, the CIA needs to send in an agent that the terrorists do not know.  And that agent is Susan.

She goes on an international trip trying to diffuse a situation that is dire.  A very portable nuclear bomb has been invented and it is about to be sold into the wrong hands that want to detonate in in New York City.   So Susan is the best hope for the agency to save the day. 

This movie is very funny, with tons of action to keep everyone engaged.  This pokes plenty of fun at James Bond, and tons of other action type movies from era's past with real skill. And it does it all from the way it's written, to the way it's filmed, to the musical soundtrack. McCarthy is funny, and finally has broken away to a degree from the recent summer roles.  This is her best true comedy in a long time.

The supporting cast is really strong as well.  In addition to Law, Rose Byrne is really funny as the dastardly villain.  She is perfectly cast, and the character they created is terrific.  Allison Janney is funny too as the CIA boss, and real huge kudos to Jason Statham.  He not only does comedy, and plays a bumbling CIA agent, he plays a parody of himself from tons of his own movies.  He is really funny in this movie, and the willingness to poke fun at yourself, gives this a real nice flavor.  Plus, there are a few funny cameos here.

This is not perfect, it is a hard R rated movie that is inappropriate for young viewers. There is a bunch harsh language and situations that does make rated accurately.   It could have been softened of a stitch to give it a PG-13, but that's the world we live in today.  By and large, action comedies are R these days.  Overall this is very entertaining and fun.  And this is set up nicely for more of these to be made.

Spy. Good summer fun!


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