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Wednesday, 03 June 2015 00:00

MOVIE REVIEW - San Andreas

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This time of the year big computer generated action flicks come a dime a dozen.  San Andreas is another one of them, but so?

Sometimes we need a little mindless action to take the sting out of real life sometimes.  Especially when it isn't from the 5,000 superhero movies we are fed.  San Andreas has some issues of course, but overall it's mission accomplished.

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This is the story of the real life San Andreas fault in California and told in a fictional scenario of it unleashing record setting earthquakes that devastate southern Nevada, Los Angeles, and eventually the grand finale of San Francisco.  There is plenty of CG effects that show absolute devastation, and there's enough human suffering to fill that need in tons of movie goers. There is also a huge soundtrack and plenty of dramatic effects, bells and whistles to go around.  But this does have a fairly decent story.

It's the story of a small family in Southern California. Ray (The Rock) and Emma (Carla Gugino) are getting a divorce. They have a 20 year-old daughter Blake (Alexandra Deddario).  They are all mourning the loss of another daughter that drowned a few years earlier.  Now they all have to face the challenge of surviving these earthquakes.  What this is in the end, is parents reuniting and going off to save their daughter and bring her home safely, and that's just fine.

Yeah, there's some general silliness, and plenty of eye rolling moments as there are with all of these big budget flicks.  You can't help but wonder too the timing of this glorified look at the worst disasters that can impose their wrath in the aftermath of the real life Nepal earthquakes.  The attempted humor that is infused into this does look a bit ridiculous as a result. I don't think there is much joking around in real quakes.  But the movie maker can't help fact that you make movies when you do and life does go on.

Overall this is just summer escapism that fills the screen and your senses big time for about 2 hours.  Truth is too, there is nothing really new as far as special effects are concerned and this does look like a ton of other big disaster movies.  But alright, it'll do.

San Andreas.   A nice rainy day matinee, may not be worth the full price ticket.  Rental for your home theater too later.


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