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Thursday, 28 May 2015 00:00

MOVIE REVIEW - Tomorrowland

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The new George Clooney and Disney flick Tomorrowland is here.  Could be the yawner of the year so far.

TL is a huge, two-hour ten minute computer generated flick with a big star and virtually nothing else to hang its hat on.  Holy cow, I sat through this whole thing and I still have no real idea what it was all about.  And I think that's been the big knock on this thing in general. Now that Clooney has to sell out to big CG action movies because that's all that's out there to make, it still smacks of "I am smarter than you."  And that has been a pervasive theme in so many of his flicks.  They are simply pompous.


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The story here really isn't one.  And moreover, you simply don't care what they are saying for much of this.  It's the story of a place that does not exist (Tomorrowland), and they never really make it totally clear why it exists, or where.  This does take on a sort of environmental agenda from time to time, especially near the agonizing end.   But honestly, they can't even really commit to that. They sort of do. Like they sort of commit to everything else in this movie.  This movie is simply not enough of anything to appeal to any committed fan base.

Thank goodness there is Britt Robertson in this movie.  She is a wonderful, and fresh, young star that I am really liking. She just finished up a run in the latest Nicholas Sparks movie, The Longest Ride, and even though that project was marginal, she was really good. And she's really good here.  She is very well rounded and capable of many things, and I feel very good things are on her horizon. She saves this from being absolutely awful, and keeps it simply highly mediocre.

I don't know what is going on with Clooney these days. His projects lately have just been, well bad.  For Hollywood's supposed biggest star, he is fizzling fast.  A reinvention may be in order soon. This is a flick that someone like him should have politely turned down and moved on.  But, in today's movie making climate, what else is there for him to really make?  That's in his defense, and a fair question in general.

Tomorrowland is big, clunky, terribly written, and just a large waste of time and 200 million or so.


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