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Friday, 15 May 2015 00:00

MOVIE REVIEW - Mad Max: Fury Road

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The Mad Max series has been rebooted and it's going to be a gigantic success, without question.

This version of the original stars Tom Hardy (Max) and Charlize Theron.   The futuristic story of course is one of the world gone mad,  where the world has essentially been destroyed because of various wars over oil and other "things."  So the earth has been left a barren wasteland where survival is king. 

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There are various war lord criminal types that have all, and the masses have none. Not even water.  Life is a horrible, horrible venture.  You know the original story and set up. But there are those that are still determined to try to make a difference, and find life better than they have.

It you remember the original, you remember this is not for everyone.  This is weird at times, with really strange and "out there" characters.  This also is the movie with strange and exotic cars and trucks that stage lengthy fast paced battles, and action scenes that seemingly never really end.  This is the same movie, and it has been rebooted very well, and is wildly entertaining.

This could be the action movie of the summer. This has again long and drawn out exciting action sequences that for some reason do not wear out their welcome.  Yes, it is violent but not gruesome.  This has somehow been remade in the way that is really not offensive or overly vulgar.  This does have an R rating, but more than likely for some disturbing images, and overall feel of some intense action.  But I has seen PG-13 far more questionable than this one. And being fair, I don't think too many families with small kids are going to load up and go see this.

This movie also keeps the same theme as the original making some load social commentary amidst all the action.  Hardy is fine as the enigmatic Max, and Theron I thought was incredible in this movie as Imperator Furiosa.   She carried the day and gave this a real nice feel. Theron is really an amazing actor, as she is so beautiful, but they can make her so tough, and unattractive in some roles. She is insanely versatile, and was perfectly cast here.

Mad Max.  This could be one of the really fun and exciting movies of the summer.


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