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Saturday, 09 May 2015 00:00

MOVIE REVIEW - Hot Pursuit

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Here comes the the big summer movies, and here comes the dog of the year.  Reece Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara star in Hot Pursuit.

How awful is this "comedy?"  It is so terrible, that even the makers of the putrid mess decided to mercifully keep this hunk of junk to a very short 80 minutes or so.  This is a typical summer "buddy comedy" for girls, that forgot to be typical.  Actually typical and ridiculously unoriginal would have been a welcome change from this horrible dry-heave of a movie.

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Meet Rose (Witherspoon).  She is a young female officer in the San Antonio police department.  She is also the daughter of a well decorated cop who has passed on.  She is insanely dedicated and a by the book cop who has ended up in the evidence room waiting for her next big assignment.  And she gets one.

Her job is to accompany with wife (Vergara) of a Mexican Drug Lord who is going to testify against her husband and enter the witness protection program.  So Rose and a U.S. Marshall go to pick her up, and it goes terribly wrong.  After a shootout, Rose and the wife find themselves on the road trying to flee the assassins, and the cops, and the news media.  So this is the story of these two on the road trip back to Dallas, trying to stay alive.

Let's recap.  Vergara is a funny woman, but in all honesty she does one thing.  She has only one role she accepts and can do well.   And that is what she does, only they really handcuff her and really only let her look amazing, and speak basically only when spoken to.  She is not funny, and most of that is because the writing is so bad you can almost smell it.

Witherspoon can do many things well.  Let's remember she has an Oscar that she totally deserved from Walk The Line.  She can be funny, and very versatile.  But why on earth she did this movie, is beyond me.  She never, ever, ever, ever stops talking in this movie in some clumsy southern accent someone drummed up for her.  The writing is horrible, and would someone PLEASE tell her to quit talking in this movie?  And someone tell her physical comedy is NOT her strong suit. - At ALL!

It is hard to put into words just how bad this thing really is.  It's not funny, original, or anything even close to resembling anything worthy of your time, or money.  When two stars get together and make something this bad, the word embarrassing comes to mind. And this is. This is insulting, and incredibly stereotypical.

Hot Pursuit.  Vomitus. Cringe worthy.


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