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Sunday, 26 April 2015 00:00

MOVIE REVIEW - The Age Of Adaline

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Finally, a real interesting movie that people can bite into and enjoy this early spring.  Blake Lively leads a nice cast in The Age Of Adaline.

This is part fantasy, part Benjamin Button, and part love story. This is a plot that I have never seen, and one that plays out nicely on screen.  This story is told in live action, and there are some narration scenes are well.  This is a pretty nice movie that is acted well, directed well, and looks nice on screen.

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Lively stars are Adaline Bowman.  She was born in 1908, grew up, got married and had a daughter. Then after her husband dies, Adaline herself has a terrible auto accident in 1935.  She drives her car into a river. And as she was dying in the water, a bolt of lightning hit the water.  Her heart restarted, and she made it out. Then, something magical happened. At the age of 27, she never aged a day thereafter.  For the next 78 years.

She has to keep her secret all these decades, as she was chased down in the 1950's and was targeted to be used as research by the FBI.   So she decides changes her identity every 10 years and keep moving around the country. Since she never ages she is afraid of getting close to anyone, except her daughter as her secret will be revealed. 

Then she meets Ellis (Michiel Huisman).  She wants to love him, but is reluctant.  Then on a weekend getaway to Ellis' parents house, she meets Ellis' father Bill (Harrison Ford).  Adaline is now known as Jenny, but Bill recognizes her as Adaline, as he was in love with her over 40 years ago, before Adaline left him when they got too close.  Will her secret be revealed?  And can she possibly have a life with Ellis?

First off, this is a real nice movie.  National critics are being a bit hard on this movie and I can't really understand why.  This is a nice story that makes you feel good.  This movie has a great look as well. Lively is really great as she creates a wonderfully charming character, who would be such after 108 years of practicing.  This has a nice cast but make no mistake, this is Lively's movie.  She walks confidently through it, and owns the screen while on it.  Although this has a hint of fantasy to it, this is a grown up role for her, and that's great to see.

Should be noted, this has slick costuming, a real nice and subtle music track, and solid performances  by all. But what is really great here is the written story.  Yeah it's a fantasy, but it feels real, and it feels nice to be a part of it.  This does a real nice job of staying on point, and not wandering off into some new direction that many movies often do.  This is good for everyone, and is a terrific date movie.

The Age Of Adaline. This is very enjoyable, well done.


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