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Tuesday, 21 April 2015 00:00

MOVIE REVIEW - Danny Collins

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This is a movie in limited release that every movie goer should see.  Al Pacino leads an all-star cast in the new half-truth fable, Danny Collins.

Danny Collins (Pacino) is a 1970's rock star heartthrob who is well past his prime.  He is now approaching 70, and is still on tour singing his old songs to an aging audience.  He has had a lucrative career and has money beyond his wildest dreams.  But he is not happy with this life, or the music he has built his empire on. 

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His manager (Christopher Plummer) then gives him a 40 year-old letter written to Danny from John Lennon. In 1971, Lennon was a big fan of then young Collins, and urges him to never sell out for the mighty dollar.  Problem is Danny never got the letter, and he DID end up selling out, recording music he didn't like or write.  But it was lucrative.

Danny decides to make major changes in his life by cancelling his concert tour, and heading back to New Jersey to try to reconnect with his grown son he has never met.  He also decides to live in a Hilton Hotel, write new music and hit on the hotel manager Mary, (Annette Benning.)  Although Danny's heart is in the right place, his actions are not always in sync with his heart, or common sense.  What will happen to Danny Collins?

This is a very entertaining movie that is well written for the most part and done overall very well.  Yes, there is a fumble or two in the written story, and the ending has a bit to be desired, but this is a movie that is a joy to see.  Pacino in the right role is always fun to watch.  He is perfect as the gaudy, aging and eccentric Collins. Plummer, is great, as is the wonderful Jennifer Garner, and Bobby Cannavale as Danny's grown son.  Annette Benning is always a joy on screen, and she is terrific here as the recently divorced, and cautious hotel manager who is reluctant to accept Danny's advances.

The music soundtrack is dominated by John Lennon music, and that adds a ton to this. Lennon's presence is always there, and it helps set the tone for Collins the man, and this movie.  This is well directed, and well acted and it's a shame more people are not going to see this in the theater. But more than likely, this will be a big rental and streamer in a few weeks, as Pacino will bring them in

Danny Collins.  Go see this. This is quite good.


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