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Here is a little review for a little movie.  But for what this is, It Follows is a pretty darn good flick.


This movie has been shown a film festivals all over the world.  This has been received fairly well for a scary pic. Yeah this is not for everyone, but for those who choose to see this, it is not your run of the mill teen horror movie.  This one actually does have a brain, and a heart.


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It Follows is essentially the story of Jay, who is a 21 year old college student that is very attractive.  She goes out on a date with someone she hardly knows a time or two, and ends up having sex with him in the back of a car.  The young guy states that he is sorry, but now that they have had sex, she is going to be followed by these zombie-like people that only she can see.  And if they catch her they will kill her.  He also tells her to "pass it on" as he claims this "curse" was passed on to him by another girl.

Sure enough, Jay is now terrorized by these creatures.  She shares the info with her friends, and sister and they come to realize that she is not crazy, and she actually is being followed and stalked.  So they try to devise  a plan to deal with this.  Jay decides to have sex with one of her friends, and then a few total strangers, and another friend to try to rid herself of this. But to no avail. The zombie like people are still there. Can the all survive?

This has been interpreted many different ways.  Many think it's a symbolic of the AIDS virus. That unwise sex can indeed kill you.  Me, I thought it did make a statement for AIDS, I also thought that it was a statement on STD's in general.  That unwise and unprotected sex can lead to consequences that sometimes never really go away, and you can indeed pass it on.

This is pretty smart and pretty well done. Filmed with a cast of unknowns, with the backdrop of dilapidated Detroit that gives this a real authentic look.  This is suspenseful, and more than anything, this is original and interesting.  It's not perfect, and not for everyone, but this is pretty good.

It Follows. For what this is, well, well done.


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