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MOVIE REVIEW - Furious 7

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This is the seventh installment of the Fast And Furious franchise and somehow these just keep getting bigger, and yes better.

This is the continuation of the franchise with virtually all of the cast still in tact. Vin Diesel and his crew always find a way to really entertain us, with new and different action sequences. Of course this is the final goodbye for the late actor, Paul Walker who was killed during the filming of this movie as he has been a staple from the beginning. This had an amazing opening weekend, bringing in 143 million.


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You do have to know what this series is all about to jump in and hang on to Furious 7.  This has been a sequential series, and the back story is mandatory. But I don't think that's a problem for those who go to these.  This has developed an amazing fan base who are ultra loyal.  This installment also bring in stars, Kurt Russell, Rhonda Rousey, and Jason Statham to add to the cast of Diesel, Walker, The Rock, Michelle Rodriguez, Ludicrous, and the rest. And they all fit and it all works.

This movie is just flat out fun. This is packed with really fun and over the top action sequences that involve about every kind of vehicle there is, and yes including some really great cars. Our crew is trying to again do right, and work off the books, trying to save the world from terrible fates, and all the while being hunted by the brother of one of the bad guys they took down a movie or two ago.

One of the things I have always admired about this series is that they have never really sold out. Yes there is some violence. Yes there is some lawbreaking. Yes, there are some scantily clad women from time to time.  But this series has never crossed the lines they could have many movies ago, and most other movies do. The language overall is fairly tame.  The violence is not the gory, bloody type, and as the movies have gone on, the story has grown, and the characters have developed nicely.

I have a ton of respect for this franchise.  They have been able to keep this going, keep you interested and they keep pushing the envelope of what they can do with their amazing action sequences to hold you engaged.  Are these movies perfect?  No, but they are wildly entertaining, and have a heart.  They continue to reinvent themselves, 4 movies after the tremendous flop that the Tokyo Drift installment years ago when they thought about packing it in. They brushed off the dust, and moved ahead to heights unimaginable.

Furious 7.  This is just fun. Well done, enjoy.  If you're a fan, you'll love this.


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