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Saturday, 07 March 2015 00:00

MOVIE REVIEW - The Lazarus Effect

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Man, you better watch this one quickly. The new horror flick The Lazarus Effect is a very quick 75 minutes. There's infomercials longer than this movie.  But as you will read, it's a blessing.

This stars a cast of lesser known actors, but does have the wonderful Olivia Wilde in it. She stars as a young, but talented medical research doctor (Zoe) looking to find a way to bring life back to those who have lost it.  She and her team at a research lab in California are working on a serum (called Lazarus) that is injected into the brain, and can literally bring back like.

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The testing has been not so successful until they have a success in a large dog. The dog comes back to life, but there are problems.  The dog has anger issues, and is acting strangely. The serum is supposed to be expelled from the bloodstream in short order, but remains. More testing is needed. Then, the project has its funding pulled from its backer and it is shut down.  But our team is bound and determined to push on with their research.


As they work on the sly bringing back another dog, there is an accident. And  Zoe is electrocuted and dies on the lab floor.  Her team then swings into action, and decides to inject her with the serum to bring her back to life.  They do, she does, and there are huge problems.

Then what this turns into, is the same formula that has been used for 50 years.  She is a lunatic with a brain full of untested serum, and she goes on a killing spree by knocking off the team one-by-one. Zoe is seemingly possessed by some form of supernatural demon, and doesn't fully know what she is doing. And she won't rest till they are all dead.

Ho-Hum! This movie is supposed to be scary, but it's not.  This is simply bad, and insanely unoriginal.  Why is it they can't figure our some new, and possibly different formula for these kind of flicks to scare us. What kind of formula?  I don't know, that's their job - not mine.  This, in the end, just looks, sounds, and is like 5,000 other movies before it, and 500 waiting behind it, getting ready to be released at some point to be viewed by some poor pack of clueless fans that haven't seen this type of movie before.  

The Lazarus Effect.  Bad, unoriginal, but luckily not too long so we don't waste too much of our time.


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