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Friday, 06 March 2015 00:00

MOVIE REVIEW - Unfinished Business

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Unfinished Business is here this week, and the only thing it's going to finish off is what's remaining of Vince Vaughn's career.

Good Lord is this awful.  This is some kind of comedy caught between PG-13 and R and between vulgar and slapstick.  The only place this movie lands squarely in, is horrible land.  But honestly that is too kind, this is as bad as movies can get.

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This is the story of Dan (Vaughn).  He is a salesman who has a wife and two kids, and has just quit his job. He starts his own company, and spends this entire movie in Europe trying to get a huge business deal of some sort to save his struggling new business.  He has two goofy partners, Tim (Tom Wilkinson) and Mike (Dave Franco), who add nothing to his business, or this movie.  In the end, you are supposed to care if he gets the deal or not, but you don't.  You are just thinking about how far Vaughn's career has fallen.

It is hard to describe just exactly how unfunny this really is.  There is not a single laugh here. This is filled with terrible sight gags, unoriginal humor, and writing that is so bad that it amazes me that somehow this actually was made for the big screen. How this is not straight to video or streaming is shocking.  There is not one moment of this putrid mess that is the slightest bit interesting or compelling, or ...anything except time wasting.

Every scene is gaggle of gag reflexes, with each one being worse than the last one.  It is not only a struggle to sit through this, but a struggle to stay awake. You don't care about one single person in this movie  You don't care about one single scene.  You just sit there and think that this is it. That Vince Vaughn, as good of a start as he had to his career, can't buy a hit now. And with this, he has finally succeeded in throwing up on his own shoes after a large buffet run.  This whole Vaughn act thing he does, may finally be over.

I can't say in strong enough terms for you to not go see this.  It is a complete waste of time, money and effort for them to make, and for you to consider going to this. This is not the Vaughn of old, this is the Vaughn of new, with everything about his act getting old.

Unfinished Business.  Not one thing about this is the slightest bit good. Directionless, pointless, tasteless.


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