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Thursday, 26 December 2013 18:07

The Five Most Disappointing Movies Of 2013

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I have seen over 170 movies this year and it's time for more year end lists.  Later this week I will post the Five Best Movies Of  2013.

I've already posted the Five Worst Movies Of 2013, and The Five Most Surprising Movies Of 2013.  Now it's time for The Five Most Disappointing Movies of 2013.   These are the movies that looked great at first, but really let us down.  They may not even be "bad" movies, but just disappointing.  To be on this list the flicks had to be released to local theaters during the calender year. 

The Five Most Disappointing Movies Of 2013.

1/  The Lone Ranger - How much money did Disney spend on this thing, and how much did it lose? Seldom do you see a movie this big come and go with such a whimper.  This is easily the most forgettable flick of the year.  It was also a hugely harsh PG-13 movie that I think was not rated properly.  Shame on them for letting this movie be as violent as it was.  Also, it became so amazingly agenda laden we you forgot it was the iconic Lone Ranger.  Just a huge disappointing mess. Not even Johnny Depp could save this. This is runaway the most disappointing movie of the year.

2/  Oblivion - Tom Cruise starred in this Sci-Fi movie that had a gigantic budget and a ton of hype. Overseas this was a big hit, but not in America.  Cruise again overacted in this movie that was about as compelling as watching people getting haircuts.  Special effects were fine, but so are a lot of movies. This was boring as it laid there, and eventually laid an egg.  Not even the very alluring and compelling co-star Andrea Riseborough could not save this snooze fest.

3/  The Great Gatsby - Director Baz Luhrmann is known for making very visual movies that look wonderful. But after this, maybe a bit more attention needs to be paid to what is happening in the movie.  This certainly was colorful, but lacked any real teeth.  And the huge flaw was the huge character created by F. Scott Fitzgerald all those years ago in his novel was shrunk down to average by all the colorful stuff going on around him. Leonardo Dicaprio as Gatsby had little chance to be successful here.  Lots of hype, little payoff.

4/  World War Z  -  Brad Pitt spent about a hundred years making this, and this is what we get?  The Zombie thing looked kind of silly on the big screen.  And I feel that after all of the hundreds of millions spent on this that we can get better and more compelling zombie content on TV than this thing. Pitt is way above this kind of movie and content, and even though this is set up for another, my sincere hope is that he take a pass on that.

5/  The Book Thief  -  I wanted to like this movie so badly and I did to a degree. The book is fantastic and the story is worth telling.  But this movie with all the build up and the even the nice performance by Geoffery Rush and the young star Sophie Nelisse, this really staggers along.  This is a good example of a great book that has a tough time coming to cinema. It doesn't always work.  This is not a bad movie at all, just disappointing.

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There they are, the Five Most Disappointing Movies Of 2013.  Be looking later this week for The Five Best Movies Of 2013!  Thoughts?  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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