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on Monday, 15 September 2014 12:07.

There's always those jokes you hear about how men are miserable with the sterotypical "ball and chain". But a recent Reddit Thread asked men why they want to get married, and here is a rundown of some of te best, and most honest answers:

Marriage provides a stable environment for Kids

Marriage is a money saver

Life is easier with a partner by your side

Traditions are important

Research shows married men live longer than single men

on Wednesday, 10 September 2014 12:40.

As the seasons change, and cooler weather approaches along with shorter days  people begin to burn candles, but research shows some candles are safer to burn than others.  The most common wax used in candle-making, paraffin is made from fossil fuels, and in 2009, researchers found that burning paraffin candles releases hazardous chemicals into the air and those chemicals are not good to breathe. Safer options are candles made of soy, beeswax and vegetable oils. But some people feel that beeswax win the competition. There is some research that says they can  can effectively reduce allergies, asthma, and hay fever by releasing negative ions into the air. Although soy candles don’t boast medicinal properties, soy is clearly a better choice that paraffin candle, however, soy can contain GMO products. There are some who think beeswax candles are the safest, and here is more info on beeswax vs soy or paraffin candles. http://empoweredsustenance.com/beeswax-candles-and-allergies-an-effective-solution/

Remember that all candles are fire hazards. Never leave a candle unsupervised. Safest of all are battery operated “flameless” candles that look real candles but not flame or release of any toxins into the air. Additional source for this article: Yahoo



on Monday, 08 September 2014 11:30.

According to Details, here are some things you’re eating that make you look older:

·   Sugar – Sugar leads to accelerated skin aging.

·   Charbroiled burgers – The same chemicals found in burnt meat are also found in cigarette smoke and car exhaust fumes.

·  Fried foods – It causes wrinkles. 

·  Alcohol – It both dehydrates your body and causes you to miss out on deep sleep.

·  Packaged Foods – If it comes in a box and can be microwaved, it generally is not good for you!

on Thursday, 04 September 2014 11:33.

Some relationships may start quickly, but they almost never end as fast. After fatal relationship mistakes are made, things may feel different but not dead. A subtle feeling of discomfort can morph into a dead-end relationship so slowly that it's impossible to recognize. Here are 10 signs your relationship is ending.

  1. You're always the one calling and initiating IMs and texts.
  2. Your significant other stops offering to pay and does fewer favors.
  3. Fewer terms of endearment are used - by either of you.
  4. When you do hang out, you choose no-ntalking activities like watching a movie.
  5. You're relieved when plans are canceled.
  6. The sex stops. Obvious but true!
  7. When you imagine your future, your significant other is not there.
  8. You spend more time with friends separately.
  9. You're always daydreaming about what it would be like to date others.
  10. One of you is cheating. 

on Thursday, 04 September 2014 10:59.

According to Men’s Health, here are some very, very common health mistakes you probably make every day:

  1. Touching your face – People touch their faces an average of four times per hour, which rubs nasty bacteria into the pores of the skin.
  2. Sitting – Sitting too much increases your risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and death.
  3. Snacking at your desk – People who eat meals or snacks while distracted consume more calories.
  4.  Being surrounded by clutter – People with tidy workspaces are more likely to eat healthy food.
  5.  Holding in your pee – Occasionally holding it in is OK, but if it’s a habit, it can cause urinary tract and bladder infections

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