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Thursday, 14 September 2017 14:32

TRIBE - Don't Poo-Poo The Streak!

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OK this is fun, this right now record 22 game winning streak the Indians are riding.  But conversely there are some detractors, and I sort of get it.

I have heard some in the National and Local Media, and even some chat around the office that says this. "Yeah this is all well and good but it won't mean a thing if the Tribe doesn't win the World Series."  I sort of get that too, and I do understand where that comes from.  But for me, they are not separate issues. They are one of the same.

I won't lie, I hope we win 25, 26 or heck, even 30 in a row.  What a streak like this does is so valuable to a team and the area, it makes winning it all even more attainable.  If this streak, whether is ends tonight or goes on for 10 more games does, is put the Tribe in a better position TO win the World Series. 

First, it completely galvanizes the fan base, it gets everyone on board.  And that is crucial down the stretch to re-energize a team and its fans that have played and watched over the course of 6 months.  Second, if winning so many in a row helps us track down the Astros and have the best record in the American League, and make everyone come to our re-energized stadium to get through us?  Again, I am all for it. And if this streak runs down the Nationals and Dodgers in the National League record-wise, and makes them come here to play the World Series first before thier ball park?  Again - FOR IT! 

You see winning a World Series is the hardest title to win in sports.  In the NBA, you can out athlete people to a title.  The NFL, is one and done, anything can happen in a one game situation.  Baseball is at least three series, against great teams and pitching only  -  playing the hardest team sport there is to play in the world.  So I will gladly take anything that gives us a leg up on any team from either league. And if this streak plays a part in it, I am all in.

I have even heard some say they hope the streak ends so we can concentrate on the rest of the season. WTH?  Get a grip! Listen to yourself.  I am never going to think that the Indians losing a game is a good thing.  On opening Day every year, I want the Tribe to win every game! And right now, they are.  So now, let's go get the Giants from 1916, and really leave no doubt.

The Streak. Is it everything?  No, but it's a real thing, and it's here and it is something that none of us will never see again.  GO TRIBE!

scott small

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