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Sunday, 20 November 2016 10:19

BROWNS/STEELERS - Here's The Season

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For the first time in a very long time, the season has come down to the Browns/Steelers game and is going to decide the season.

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Look, with all the Cavs did, Indians did, and what the Cavs are doing again, it is tough to be a Browns fan these days.  0-10 will do that to you.  And being honest, who knows what will happen today at the stadium.  But for both teams, this is their season.  If the Browns would win this game, no matter what happens over the last few weeks, the team and their fans would be happy with a win over the Steelers. That is undeniable.

A Steelers loss is the end of their season more than likely as they have been staggering around more than usual.  And I can't say I'm sorry about that. I also have not missed their amazingly fair weather fans gloating all over social media about how this is the greatest team of all time.  Think about your news feed. It's been really quiet.  But I am a big Mike Tomlin fan and I do LOVE listening to his incredibly refreshing, non-coddling player comments after each loss. We need more guys like this in sport. And in the world.

Make no mistake this is a big game for each team. It really is refreshing to see this game really mean something for both teams. I am certain as good of a football man Tomlin is, there are many teams they would rather be playing in a must win situation on the road than the Browns this week. 

Browns win, the streak is over, and season made. Steelers win, and it's business as usual.  I am not a predictor, but I will say this.  In sport, it is always dangerous to be a team that cannot lose, playing a team that has nothing left to lose.

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