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Thursday, 17 November 2016 12:16


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The other morning when I was putting together some material for Wynn, Kay And The Morning Crew on WQMX, I ran across this horrifying headline.

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"Experts now say, you should not have the card table, or small table anymore at Thanksgiving and everyone should be at the main table"  Something about how everyone should eat and talk at the same table, or whatever... I suppose there may be a few good reasons for it.  But c'mon! It's the card table!  We had a blast at the card table for those glorious years before you got the call up to the big table.  It was the only big meal all year, that you had no real adult supervision.  Loved it.

Yeah, the turkey was cold, it wobbled, the chairs were small, and sometimes it was in a hallway or foyer, but who cares? When you're young all you want to do is scarf it down and run off and play with your cousins anyway. All while the adults devour each other with political talk and bring up old family squabbles. Sure, you had to beg for more gravy and stuffing, but you didn't have to eat aunt Martha's awful chutney if you didn't want to. You could dog down 10 rolls (with unlimited butter) because no one was monitoring you. It was bliss.

These experts obviously never experienced this, or they suffer from some deep mental scarring of not being good enough to eat with the adults nonsense. Plus they clearly need more to do.  And yes, when you became that kid that was about 10 years older than the other kids at the card table, you did look longingly at the master table. And eventually the call came. From the bullpen to the mound, from AAA to the major leagues and you crossed over.

And on that glorious day, you left your younger cousins behind, but a part of you always stays - at the card table.