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Wednesday, 16 November 2016 12:02

BROWNS - He's Still On The Team?

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Am I alone in this? I'm betting this news hit you the same way it hit me today.

While doing the show today, Wynn, Kay And The Morning Crew on 94.9 WQMX, our news dude Ryan Lang blasted out this story. "And in Browns news, QB Robert Griffin III, has been cleared to practice, but with no contact." Who the heck is this Griffin cat?  Oh yeah..... RG3!  I forgot he was still on the team! Seriously!  You too?  He's been out since week one.

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Do you know how much has happened since then?  The Tribe ran through the American League Pennant and went to game seven of the World Series.  Halloween, The Blossom concert season had 4 shows, and wrapped up.  I went to Florida, and Ryan joined our show after Amani Abraham left for TV-3.  And Oh yeah, the Browns have gone 0-10!  I gotta be honest, it seems like it was a million years ago. 0-10 will do that to you.

Griffin playing for the Browns seems more like something I dreamed once, and didn't actually see.  Think about it, We've had like 100 QB's play this year, and even had "Clipboard Jesus" take a few snaps, but we canned him too.  And when you are a QB, and get released from THIS team?  I think thats rock bottom.  They just keep marching these poor souls out there, and they keep coming back on a gurney. They keep just gluing these guys back together and send them back in there.

So as Cody Kessler, and Old Man McCown are led out there to be the Sunday afternoon tackling dummies, RG3 can only hope the weeks keep ticking by, and he can make it to mid January unscathed.  But as of now, he still isn't cleared for contact. 

Oh, and when he is reactivated and we are reintroduced to RG3?  Make sure you watch quick, Because oh yes, there will be contact.

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