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Thursday, 06 October 2016 04:36

Tribe Time Is Our Time - Today

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Wrote this a few months ago, thought today would be a good day to revisit.

When the Cavaliers won the NBA Title and bridged the 52 year sports crevasse around here, we all breathed a little easier and stood a little taller. 

The celebration across the region was amazing, as we all took part in one way or another, and maybe you still are.  Enter the Indians, our Tribe.  Yes, they have been playing terrific baseball since the Cav's title, and I feel that is not a coincidence.  Who, in essence are the Indians?  They are just young guys, be it rich ones, who own televisions too. They saw what happened in the wake of a championship in Northeast Ohio. They liked it, and they want it too.

What the Cav's did was partly because of us, and with our help. I will always believe that. We felt that that it was within our grasp, and we willed this team to perform at its best when it seemed all was too late.  Then we took to the streets and let it all out when Lebron and the boys came home.  That has rejuvenated the area in total. What a great gift from the Cavs.

Many fans are coming back to the Tribe now that it is fashionable to to so.  I personally don't care how you get there, just so you do.  Many on Sports Radio and Social Media complain about the Tribe's ownership, and have problems with the Indians because of that, and are slow to support. Please!  How ridiculous and uneducated is that?  I have never decided to be a fan of any sports team because of the billionaire who owns them.

But this Indians team is good.  And they have a much larger advantage than even the Cav's do.  No, the Tribe does not have the worlds best player, but they have something even more bonding for all of us to grab on to. They have the everydayness of baseball.  I know that's not a word, but so what it's the truth.  It's so ironic that what the very casual fan views as baseball's negative as so-so or losing years, becomes it's biggest asset when it's finally "next year."  I don't know about you, but I find myself a bit ticked off  - on days off.  When you're winning, you want to play.  With this team,  I'm all in!

But the truth is, the Tribe has laid the framework down for an amazing season, and now it's up to us to push them as far as we can any way we can.   Take the ride with them and get involved emotionally with this very likable team.  As much as the Cavs brought us together, the Tribe now has the opportunity to galvanize us like never before, day in and day out.

Virtually no one reading this was even alive the last time the Tribe won the World Series in 1948 me included.  And I don't know about you, but I am ready.  I embrace the Tribe every year, but I am a realist from season to season and look at them as the really are. And this year, they are really good and really built right to give us all the thrill of a lifetime, and remind us that there is nothing like a World Series Title. - In OUR town.

It's Tribe time now,  and that's true. But just as important, it is our time too.  Enjoy this, because what you're seeing is damn rare air.  Go Tribe!

scott small

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