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Sunday, 26 June 2016 07:28

Cavaliers - The Weight Of The Wait

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I have been a Cleveland sports fan my entire life and I had been waiting too.


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I grew up here, and no matter where my professional travels took me in radio, The Tribe, Browns and Cavaliers were still my favorite teams.  I am well aware of the 52 year wait for a championship from one of these guys, and I am trilled, like you  - it has finally happened. 

What the Cavaliers did was even more amazing than the sport stats will say.  I have stated on the air and on social media many times that nothing can galvanize an area more than a winning pro sports team.  Many times to the raised eyebrows by those within eye and or ear shot. But I think the last month or so, we all saw that play out day after day.  No matter where we come from socially, the one thing we all had in common this Spring was the Cavs.  Or was it?

The Cavs did everything right, and for the record they did not break some silly so called "curse." I have never bought into that scapegoat negative mentality.  The Drive, The Fumble, The Shot, Jose Mesa, and the rest were just what sports cities go through.  All of those moments were simply one thing.  Better players, on better teams, making better plays, in bigger games.  Period!  Even Jim Chones broken foot for the 1976 Miracle Cavs, was just part of the game.  Over time, all of those things though  - do become a bit weighty

You see, what the Cavs did even more than win a championship for us,  as they gave us an even better gift. They reminded us of how much we all really love our city, our area. That to me, is the galvanization, the real gift, and what we all may be secretly waiting for and not even know it.  They have relieved some of the pressure off the other teams here, and the city at large which is great.  But maybe they reminded you how much you love living here, if by chance you had forgotten.

Now we can stop talking about some half century drought, and get on with the enjoying the games, for the reason we're supposed to.  Because we love the game, and the fact that we are so fortunate to live in such an area to have all the major sports teams we do.  The Cavs reminded us that our sports teams are here to enjoy and not to agonize over. 

Thanks to the Cavaliers and their fans, the weight of the wait - is officially gone and over.

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