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Wednesday, 06 January 2016 01:30

BROWNS - It Happens Everywhere

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Man, the Browns made a bunch of news this week that have the area talking big time. 

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And the old sentiment is back of, "Only the Browns, only Cleveland, only us."  And yes, there has been our share of heartbreaks, but nothing in those statements -  could be further from the truth.  Even though it feels like it, it happens everywhere.

I am a Browns fan, Indians and Cavs fan too - and have been all my life.  I have lived through what you have, and in many cases more than others. I know the pain from all the teams.  I also can remember the truth that most don't want to admit about Browns and other teams.

Let's take the Cardinals, Chiefs, Panthers, Vikings, Bengals, and even the Patriots.  All are in the NFL playoffs this year so they have that in common as well as something else. They have all been through long, and agonizing losing era's before the pendulum swung back the other way. The Cardinals have been in 3 cities, and have won only a couple of post season games in countless decades of play dating back to the 1940's Now they threaten to win it all.  The Bengals went through many arduous years, about as long as the Browns trying to get it right.

The rest have similar stories including the mighty Patriots.  They, in the 1990's had a brutal stretch including a 1 win season, until Tom Brady showed up with the right coach. And I would even say Brady was a stroke of luck NO one saw coming, not even the Pats. The Panthers have had a 1 win season, and a 2 win season.  Even the mighty Cowboys have had brutal stretches including a 1 win season (twice), and THIS season was horrible for them.  BTW the Browns have never had a 1 win season. - 70 years.

The difference is, it's just more satisfying for the small minds at places like ESPN and others to pile on a city they don't care for.  Sports networks don't have any use for the Midwest in general, and it's more fun to take swings at a seemingly downtrodden city like Cleveland (in their minds) than give a name to a horrible loss that Peyton Manning took to the Ravens in the playoffs a few years back.  Or the Steelers getting beat by Tim Tebow - again in the playoffs.  The list is endless of all NFL teams with absolutley brutal stretches and painful losses.  Ask Seattle about last years Superbowl.  Sports media outlets don't have names like The Drive, and The Fumble, for those games but they were just as, if not MORE brutal than the Browns losses.

The truth is, hard luck follows all teams for there is only 1 champion every year.  The Browns will eventually get this right and contend. Let's remember the Saints and Bucs did, winning a Superbowl each, and they are a combined almost 300 games below .500 all time.  No one is excusing the Browns and this debacle that has ensued the past number of years, but if history is our guide, way better days are ahead.

Just a bit of perspective. It's hard to wait, but it will happen.

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