on Thursday, 26 July 2012 12:20.

Meet Sunshine! This dog is soooooo cute and really doesn't have the Shar Pei personality! She is sweet and agreeable - most Shar Peis have a mind of their own. She is on the smaller side and is so immaculate in her appearance. She is just perfect! Her playfulness will warm your heart and she will do fine with children. But, as with all dogs, children should always give a dog space and respect as thy get to know each other and learn of their needs and wants :). Don't delay ... come to meet this little gem today! Our thanks to Olivia Mandala, photographer, for her dedication to animal welfare.


on Wednesday, 18 July 2012 05:00.

Meet our Labrador teenager ... Yep, I'm a BIG puppy - though I'm a young adult by age - and I have the typical appeal that all young Labradors have ... soft fur, sweet eyes, irresistible ears and because of my past, some very, very needy behaviors :). Hey, you may as well know it up front ... I'm a young dog that hasn't had any training and I lack a little bit of confidence. Additionally, Labs are a lot of work but boy am I worth it!!! Please don't think you are going to put me (or any of my canine friends) in a cage for 10 hours a day because that just won't work - not for you or for me. And, chaining me up to live outside for my lifetime would make me sad because I am a social animal - all dogs are - and that would lead to a lonely existence! So let's find some balls, figure out a walking route, check out a few dog parks, and begin our life together. A life of love and friendship! My "thanks" to Olivia Mandala ... she's one terrific photographer!

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