Jake and Gateway

on 05 June 2014.


Meet Jake and Gateway, father and son senior beagles left at the Summit Shelter by their owner. They are one ADORABLE pair of wiggly love bugs! Gateway,10, is blind and his father Jake,11, helps him along in life. We have them pictured together in the hope of a miracle. The hope is that we might be able to keep them together. They are a bonded pair and are truly just precious together…unless a savory treat is involved. LOL They are very entertaining and always eager to please. They are working on better house manners and have been a delight to bring back from the brink of death. They were suffering from pneumonia when we rescued them from the shelter and proceeded to remain very ill. Gateway, the blind son, was so ill at times, he would simply fall over. We nurtured them back to health and now they’re like 2 puppies with a second life! Here's the complicated part. They tested fine with other dogs when they were sick. Now that they are well and able to be assessed, we find they are not so good with other pets. They are the first beagles we’ve ever saved that weren’t completely social. Gateway, in particular, can be pet aggressive…..not something that would be easy to change at this point but he is getting better. His blindness, very possibly, plays into this. Jake is a sometimes protective of him, so we can only guess he has been blind for a while now. With Gateway's blindness and both being beagles, a fenced yard would be a big plus for them. Yes, we are asking for a miracle. These boys have come back to life in hope of better lives. Please share their story and I believe we can together find the right home for them! If you watch their videos on our Facebook page, you can see just how precious they are! Thank you for reading this! Pay It Forward sponsored some of the extensive medical expenses these boys required. In the hope of finding that special home who will adopt them together, we are offering the adoption fee of both of them for only $50. To apply for adoption, please fill out an on-line application at www.saveohiostrays.org.

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