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Akron Weather

Akron, OH, United States

Day: Fair
Windchill: 43°F
Wind: 12 mph N
Humidity: 44%
welcome to wqmx
welcome to wqmx

WQMX Contest Line: 330-370-2000

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Scott Wynn and Sue Wilson in the Mornings


    What a mature CHARMER!!! Did you know that approximately 25% of all dogs and puppies in a shelter will be purebred or of a designer breed. Designer breeds are two desirable breeds that are mated for the sole purpose of producing highly-salable puppies for profit. Yep .. [ ... ]

Daily Scoop for week of April 21st

Wednesday~is Administrative Professionals Day or Secretary's Day Movie Theater Day and National Cherry Cheesecake Day and might be a bit rainyBut today is National Picnic Day…take your umbrella. Today is also Talk like Shakespeare Day….. (1564.) Happy Birthday toValerie Bertinelli [ ... ]

Sunday Morning Golf Course Review - Big Met

Course:  Big Met Golf Course

Location:  Cleveland MetroParks System - Fairview Park, Cuyahoga County

Directions:  Easy access from I-480, Brookpark Road, Lorain Road 40 minutes from Akron, 30 from Medina

Dewsweepers Tee Times Was:  645

Big Met Website


  My name is Bella and I'm a BIG puppy and I have the typical appeal that all dogs have ... soft fur, sweet eyes, irresistible ears and because of my age, some very, very needy behaviors :). Hey, you may as well know it up front ... I'm a younger dog that hasn't had any training and [ ... ]

MOVIE REVIEW - Heaven Is For Real

This week, one of the best selling books in a long time comes to the movies. Greg Kinnear stars in the new, Heaven Is For Real.

Country Music News


AKRON, OH 44304

Meet our Labrador & Husky teenagers. Brought in because they were victims of a hoarding situation, neither dogs knew the kindness and touch of humanity. Today, they accept love with some trepidation but are getting more comfortable all of the time. We'd like to keep this brother and sister together. Attempts to split them up have led to them experiencing extreme stress and depression. Might you have room in your home and in your heart for these two beautiful and sweet brindle dogs? We love them and you will too!!! They write ... Hi, we are Jack and Jill. Yep, we're BIG puppies and we have the typical appeal that all young Labradors have ... soft fur, sweet eyes, irresistible ears and because of our past, some very, very needy behaviors :). Hey, you may as well know it up front ... we're young dogs that haven't had any training and completely lack confidence. Additionally, Labs are a lot of work but boy are we worth it!!! We're here as brother and sister and we are hoping we get to stay together and that our status changes real soon! Please don't put us in a cage for 10 hours a day because that just won't work - not for you or for us. After all, we need your help and patient training to become the dogs we were born to be. And, please don't think of chaining us up to live outside for our lifetime because that kind of life is not in our plans. Keep in mind, we are social animals - all dogs are - and that would lead to a lonely existence! We just want to be with you! So let's find some balls, figure out a walking route, check out a few dog parks, and begin our life together. A life of love and friendship!

My "thanks" to Olivia Mandala ... she's one terrific photographer!