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Ken Steel

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Ken Steel has been a part of the WQMX team since 1991 when he was just 19 years old. Ken remembers WQMX making the “switch” from a light rock format to country music in 1993. “I never listened to any country music while growing up, so when they told us we were going to country I thought I was going to hate it. After listening for about a week or two though, to my own surprise, I really started liking it...I was hooked in no time.” After the switch to country, he went from working part-time on the weekends to landing a full time weeknight shift. Ken would be the 7-midnight host from 1993 until 2000 when he moved to the 3-7p afternoon drive time slot where he's been ever since.

His interest in broadcasting came at a young age. “I remember as a kid spending hours in my bedroom with a tape recorder recording different voices and characters and just being silly. I would make my friends listen to the final products. What torture that must have been for them!” Ken was lucky enough to grow up in Streetsboro, Ohio where he attended Streetsboro High School which is one of only four high schools in the state that had a student-run radio station. That station, 91.5 WSTB-FM, was where he really fell in love with broadcasting. “It was so fun and it seemed to come kind of naturally for me. I was always comfortable speaking in public or on the air. That's where I first thought that I could actually have a career in radio.”

After graduating high school in 1989, Ken attended the University of Akron where he was a part of the radio staff at WZIP for about a year. After a short stint (of about six weeks) at Canton, Ohio rock station WRQK in 1991, he joined WQMX.

Ken has been a resident of Northeast Ohio his entire life and has lived in Akron since 1995. He and his beautiful wife, Kelli, have been married since 1994 and they have two children: his teenage daughter Hunter, and his son Derek who is currently serving proudly in the United States Navy.

Contact Ken at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Join Ken Steel out and about...

Every Thursday night it's WQMX Country Night at Legends Sports Pub & Grille on Rt. 241 in Green.  Ken will be there 8-11pm with more prize giveaways and great country songs all night.  Bucket specials too: 5 domestic long necks for just $12!

Every Friday night it's the WQMX Friday Night Live Party at the Dusty Armadillo on Rt. 44 in Rootstown.  Ken broadcasts live from 10pm til midnight and has lots of great prizes to give away!  It's Ladies Night too...all ladies get in free!


Ken Steel's Secret Six Pack at 6pm

Every weekday at 6pm, Ken plays six songs in a row that all have something in common.  After all six songs, if you know the answer to the six pack, be the correct caller at 330-370-2000 and you could win some great prizes!

Recent Secret Six Pack correct answers...

3/30  "Money" in every song


3/27  All artist's first names begin with "J"

3/26  "Cry" in every song

3/25  "Football" in every song

3/24  "Quarter" in every song

3/23  "Bed" in every song


3/20  "Miracle" in every song

3/19  "Music" in every song

3/18  "Georgia" in every song

3/17  "Pride" in every song

3/16  All song titles begin with "R"


3/13  "Hell" in every song

3/12  "Black" in every song

3/11  "Dust" in every song

3/10  "Yard" in every song

3/9   "Kids" in every song


3/6  "Beach" in every song

3/5   All songs reference other singers/groups

3/4  "Help" in every song

3/3  "Hundred" in every song

3/2  "Chicken" in every song


2/27  All song titles have the word "All" in them

2/26  "Home" in every song

2/25  "Star" in every song

2/24  "Kiss" in every song

2/23  "Soul" in every song


2/20  "Fight" in every song`

2/19  "#18" in every song

2/18  "Wheels" in every song

2/17  "Drink" in every song

2/16  "Red" in every song


2/13  All artists last names begin with "S"

2/12  "Clock" in every song

2/11  "TV" in every song

2/10  "Boy" in every song

2/9  "Rose" in every song


2/6  "Tailgate" in every song

2/5  "Street" in every song

2/4  "Dress" in every song

2/3  "Kill" in every song

2/2  "Face" in every song


1/30  "Preacher" in every song

1/29  "Water" in every song

1/28  "Blanket" in every song

1/27  "Sing" in every song

1/26  "Lost" in every song


1/23  All song titles begin with "C"

1/22  "River" in every song

1/21  "Bar" in every song

1/20  "Mud" in every song

1/19  "Born" in every song


1/16  "Party" in every song

1/15  "Tears" in every song

1/14  "Sweet" in every song

1/13  "Boots" in every song

1/12  "Light" in every song


Fri. 1/9  "Boss" in every song

Thu. 1/8  "Hand" in every song

Wed. 1/7  "Funny" in every song

Tue. 1/6  "Sister" in every song

Mon. 1/5  "Dream" in every song


Fri. 1/2  -no Six Pack-

Thu. 1/1  -no Six Pack-

Wed. 12/31  "Dreams" in every song

Tue. 12/30  All song titles begin with "O"

Mon. 12/29  "Truck" in every song



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