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Romantic Dates for the Holidays

on 21 December 2012.

Could a few holi-dates turn into a relationship in the new year? You never know. While most of the romantic holiday hoopla is for couples, there are some fun holiday dates that could certainly warm things up ...

  • Go ice skating. Find your local rink or event. Trying to skate is a great way to focus on something even MORE awkward than your first conversation. Even sunny Los Angeles has skating ice for the holidays.
  • Check out the lights. Almost every town has the crazy Griswold house. Or houses.
  • Book a sleigh ride. Well … this might be reserved for engagements and sweeping romantic gestures … but, if you live in the snow and you wanna score some major points – look no further.
  • Decorate. Whether you’re lighting candles, readying for New Year's or trimming the tree – the holidays involve décor! You get their personal touch on your place – or you get to leave your mark on theirs. (Your Tango)

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